Facade cladding


Don't try to shine like jade, but be as simple as a rock.

Lao Tzu

Facing the facade of a house made of natural stone is undoubtedly a source of pride for the owner of the house, as it emphasizes its high status and provides a number of important advantages, such as:

– reliability and durability in operation;

– practicality and undemanding care;

– good protection of the building from adverse natural factors;

– special aesthetics and attractiveness that no artificial material can provide;

The price of a natural stone facade.

 It is often believed that decorating a house with natural stone is an expensive solution. In fact, in practice it is not always the case. The cost of finishing a facade with natural stone is dependent on the following main factors:

– the type of stone and the type of stone processing;

 For example, the price of facing slabs or sandstone products is significantly lower than that of similar stones made of granite and marble. The assortment of our company is made in such a way that we are able to offer both common types of stone, and unique options.

– chosen stylistic concept of the building;

Some architectural styles involve decorating the facade with many different decorative elements and details, often using complex carved ornaments. A vivid example is the Baroque. Others, on the contrary, declare restraint and minimalism. We work in all styles and directions. Here much depends on the wishes and preferences of the customer.

– debugging of production processes and logistics;

All links in the process chain, from stone mining to the installation phase on site, integrated into a single organisational structure – these are the conditions for optimising costs in any task.

Facing of a house facade in company FASADOF.

 For a house with a natural stone facade to bring joy to the owner and his loved ones over the years, it is necessary to turn a dream into reality at a high technical and professional level. Natural stone and the finishing of facades with stone are our priority areas and we provide our customers with a full range of services for working with stone from the stage of project creation to its implementation.