Interiors of natural stone


If we had eyes made of stone, we would see the mountains moving.

Eero Suvilehto

Natural stone for interior decoration of dwellings began to be used in ancient times, so the interiors made of natural stone have a very long history. In the beginning, it was mainly untreated natural stone of natural shape, such as pebbles. Later on, the use of natural stone in interiors increasingly became a sign of wealth, luxury and elitism. At a certain historical stage, natural stone interiors acquire strong associations with palace architecture and religious buildings. Here, the stone is skillfully processed and presents itself in all its diversity and grandeur. Floors, stairs, columns and capitals, mosaics, including the use of semi-precious stones, are true works of art.

Nowadays, the development of stone processing technologies has made beauty and style accessible to the majority and natural stone in interiors is experiencing a new surge of popularity. Among other reasons for this, it is worth noting the following:

– natural stone can be used in almost any style: from classical to modern;

– natural stone blends well with many materials traditionally used in interior decoration: wood, textiles, glass, etc.

– Properly combined with other details and furnishing items, such as carpets, furniture, artificial lighting, natural stone can create a sense of comfort and coziness in the interior;

– the visual appeal of natural stone – in its natural beauty and variety of shades and textures;

– natural stone is an ecologically pure natural material;

Company FASADOF offers to execute to order an interior from a natural stone for your house. The natural stone in an interior will make it unique, not similar to others. 
We make:

  •  ladders;
  •  countertops and window sills;
  • fireplace portals;
  •  columns;
  •  wall and floor lining.