Restoration of facades

панели под камень для внешней отделки фасада

And suddenly... Stone in color: silence.

Casimiro De Brito

Today natural stone is a very common material for finishing facades. Only in Moscow and the Moscow region you can find many architectural objects, in decoration of which different types of natural stone are used. Some of them were built quite recently, others have been in operation for a very long time. However, any, even such a reliable material as natural stone requires timely care. You cannot ignore the presence of external problems, such as chips and cracks, dark spots, mildew, etc. This can lead to the destruction of the cladding and the need for repairs.

There are several main reasons why a stone facade may need to be restored:

– the “time factor” or the onset of changes due to the natural aging processes of the material;

– the use of poor quality stone;

– installation errors and violation of technology by the contractor;

– “restyling” or the desire to change stylistics and renovate the appearance of the building;

For example, houses built of brick have a rather dull and monotonous appearance. Using natural stone cladding, you can radically transform their appearance, getting a practically new house. With the help of experienced professionals, from a typical “box” can get an elegant mansion in the classic style or a luxurious palace of the Renaissance.

Specialists of the company “FASADOF” offer services in the restoration and repair of facades made of natural stone.

We perform:

– facade cleaning and hydrophobization;

– restoration of natural stone cladding;

– replacement of parts of architectural décor that have fallen into disrepair;

– restoration of floors made of granite and marble;