Stone carving. Milling


Silence. A cicada song that sounds in your ears. Scratching a rock.

Matsuo Basho

Stone carving should be considered not just as a form of processing this material, but also as an independent form of art. For the master, this work is not only an application of professional knowledge and experience, but also a way to realize his creative potential.

Stone carving in architecture

Facades with carved architectural elements can be found on objects of historical and cultural value, government agencies, representative offices of large companies, expensive private houses VIP level. An important place is occupied by stone carvings and church architecture.

Decorations using stone carving techniques are decorated:

– walls of facades of houses;

– door and window openings;

– balconies;

– grand staircases;

– entrance groups;

– small architectural forms;

Among the most spectacular carved products are: panels and bas-reliefs, cornices and curbs, platbands, pilasters, columns and capitals, brackets and castle stones, bowls and vases, sculptural forms.

Stone carving in interior design

At creation of exclusive interiors possibilities of application of carved products from a natural stone also are wide enough. Majestic columns, elegant panels, luxurious fireplace portals are able to give joy and comfort to the owners and cause admiration of guests. Masterfully carved stone can clearly indicate the overall stylistic orientation of the interior and give the environment a harmonious and complete look.

The cost of stone carving

The cost of a natural stone carved product may depend on many factors, the main of which are the following:

– the type of stone and its characteristics;

– the complexity and saturation of the drawing;

– the volume of work or the number of pieces;

Stone milling

CNC stone milling is a very popular type of work. In contrast to manual processing, the use of CNC machines allows you to significantly reduce the cost and labor intensity of production, with increasing accuracy and the possibility of increasing production. Thanks to it only modern technologies on milling of a stone both natural, and artificial could bring processing of the given material to qualitatively new level.

Company FASADOF offers carving services on a stone in Moscow. We carry out all kinds of works: from creation of an art sketch, to installation of a finished product. Considering wishes of the customer at performance of decorative carving on a stone marble, a granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, onyx and agglomerate are applied.