Dolomite (DK)


Dolomite is a natural stone, named after the French geologist Deodo de Dolomier.

Dolomite Benefits

 In nature, dolomite is formed during hydrothermal processes occurring under high pressure, at great depths, under the influence of hot water solutions. Therefore, its physical properties include resistance to high and low temperatures, strength, durability and low thermal conductivity.

 In winter it does not let cold through, and in summer it will not be too hot.

 Dolomite is a stone that is resistant to various acids and has the ability to neutralize the harmful effects of radioactive radiation.

Application of dolomite

Tiles made of dolomite with a surface of “natural chipping” or as it is called – “wild stone”, creates the impression of thoroughness and monumentality. Therefore, dolomite is widely used for finishing the plinth, facade, retaining walls in landscape design, etc.

 You can buy dolomite not only for the exterior cladding of the building, but also as a great material for interior decoration. This stone is ideal for creating a unique and unique image and is organically combined with other materials (such as wood or metal). Facing with dolomite looks noble and has a number of advantages due to the good strength properties of this stone.

The price of dolomite depends on the homogeneity of the material, the type of processing, and the thickness and size of the product.

At Fasadof it is always possible to buy natural stone dolomite of high quality, including non-standard sizes, made to order.