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Granite is a rock, which is a unique natural material originating from the very depths of the earth. It was formed as a result of volcanic activity and formed under the pressure of the earth’s thickness during the cooling of volcanic magma.

This gives granite its unique physical characteristics and allows it to be widely used for a variety of finishing works. Today granite products are found almost everywhere, from road surfaces to interior and exterior decoration of buildings.

Executed by skilled craftsmen products from natural stone granite will give any design refinement and elegance.

Dignitudes of a granite

The decorative value of granite is manifested primarily in its unique texture and diverse palette of shades. In addition, granite has such properties as:

perfect appearance, preserved for a long time with minimal care;
resistance to abrasion and deformation;
low water absorption and high frost resistance;

Granite, as a natural natural material, is resistant to any adverse atmospheric phenomena, temperature changes, chemical substances, which makes it relevant in modern design.

Granite application

The most widespread and demanded products from a granite are granite tiles and a paving stone from a granite. They have a great variety of surface treatment options:

– polished to a mirror shine,

– “heat treated”

– “under the rock”

– polished

– artificially “aged.”

Facing of a facade by a granite gives to a structure respectable kind and underlines the high status of the owner. The steps and ladders made of a granite are an embodiment of monumentality and aristocracy. Granite columns, countertops and window sills made of natural granite are an example of functionality and aesthetics.

On a site of company “FASADOF” granite can be bought both in the form of finished products, and in sawing under the order. This natural stone is suitable for any construction and finishing works. Products from a granite will differ durability and reliability, but thus look magnificent and imposing.