Limestone is a rock of sedimentary origin. Its basis is calcium carbonate, which gives unique properties to this natural material. The presence of impurities in the limestone, such as clay, manganese, quartz and gypsum gives different color shades to the stone, whose natural color is white.

Features and benefits of natural stone

Limestone refers to rocks of medium density, so it is easy to process, easy to install. Its properties allow creating both large blocks for construction and carved decor elements.

Limestone has such important characteristics as:

  • environmental safety;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • thermal insulation
  • noise insulation;
  • durability and reliability;
  • fireproofness;
  • durability;
  • relatively low price.

Limestone, as building and finishing material, proved its strength and reliability. Bright confirmation of it is ancient monuments of architecture, from white-stone temples of the Golden Ring of Russia to Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

Areas of application of natural stone

Facing the facade with limestone will create an exclusive design and give any building monumentality and integrity. Natural stone limestone is widely used in interior spaces.

From limestone are made such products as:

  • fireplaces;
  • balustrades;
  • columns;
  • countertops, window sills, casings;

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