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Sandstone is a natural, natural stone widely used as a material for construction and decoration.

Sandstone varieties

At Fasadof you can buy sandstone in a variety of different types of processing:

– sandstone tiles (can be made to individual sizes);

– sandstone paving stones;

– architectural decor elements (balusters and railings, facade cornices, window frames, rust, fireplace portals, panels, bas-reliefs and many others).

The Dignity of Sandstone

Buying natural stone sandstone for facing at Fasadof company, customers will be able to appreciate all the positive qualities of this material. Numerous buildings and structures, built many centuries ago and preserved to this day, are proof of the durability of sandstone, which does not lose its qualities due to temperature changes, precipitation, strong wind or other negative conditions. Sandstone is an ecologically safe material, it fully complies with the established sanitary and building standards.

Sandstone application

Facade cladding with sandstone is one of the most popular applications. Due to its high aesthetic properties, natural stone sandstone is successfully used in a variety of styles and design directions (from classical to modern).

The price of sandstone depends on the homogeneity of the material, the type of processing, and the thickness and size of the product.

Fasadof company offers to buy natural stone sandstone and its products from a warehouse in Moscow. Also, we produce tiles and sandstone products of non-standard sizes on request.