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DR shellfish

Shellfish is a sedimentary rock of carbonate composition, which forms the shells of marine organisms bound with lime cement. Natural Shellstone is usually formed in the shallow waters of the seas and oceans.

Shellfish Advantages

Shellfish is an environmentally friendly material: used in the construction of homes, it acts as an atmospheric filter because it contains iodine and salt, which not only contributes to the overall health, but also helps prevent and cure diseases of the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system.

In addition, the shell stone has excellent noise insulation properties and low thermal conductivity.

Mussel application

The cut of the shell stone has its own unique and bizarre pattern, which in combination with the color and processing options of this stone (chipping on the front side, rusting, etc.) makes the shell stone a unique and refined option, applicable both for the external finishing of the facade of the house and for interior decoration.

The price of shell tiles depends on the homogeneity of the material, the type of processing, and the thickness and size.

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