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Kirghiz travertine
Kirghiz travertine

Travertine is a natural stone widely used as a building and facing stone.

It has been known since ancient times, but has not lost its relevance today.

Proof of the reliability of natural travertine are numerous buildings and structures, the construction of which dates back to ancient times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. For example, travertine was used to build the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

The Dignity of Travertine

Leading designers and architects in Russia and abroad traditionally use travertine and its products to create the best of their work, worthy to stand in line with the masterpieces of world architecture. The reason for this is not only elegant appearance, but also good workability of this stone. Travertine is well-polished, gives the possibility to produce details of almost any shape, such as: cornices, frames of windows and doors, columns, capitals, handrails, balusters and many other elements for the decoration of facades and interiors.

Buy travertine in Moscow

You can buy natural travertine in Moscow at Fasadof company. The price of travertine depends on the type of product and the method of surface treatment. Our company can offer the most popular types of products:

– travertine facing tiles (polished, grooved, sawn, aged, chipped);

– floor tiles from travertine (warm floors);

– balustrades and columns made of travertine;

– travertine cornices and casings;

– architectural decorative facade elements made of travertine (capitals, baguettes, brackets, castle stones, carved panels, vases, etc.).